October 26, 2012

◊ Vote FOR Somebody!

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Election Day is less than two weeks away, and ballots should have already arrived in your mail boxes. It’s time to get out that hefty Voter’s Pamphlet you received a week ago and do your civic duty by filling out your ballot. This election season theElders in Action Commission, our volunteer senior advocates, took positions on a few measures that you will see on your ballot and our full endorsements can be found in your voter’s pamphlet.


The first is the Commission’s opposition to Measure 84, eliminating Oregon’s Estate Tax and reducing the general fund  by more than $240 million every two years. Measure 84 would force deeper cuts to our K-12 schools, long-term care for seniors, and public safety systems, while providing a massive tax break to a small handful of millionaire households. The Elders in Action Commission encourages you to vote NO on 84.


The Commission also supports Measure 85, which will reform the corporate kicker by putting money into Oregon K-12 classrooms, rather than back into the pockets of large, out-of-state corporations. That would mean lowering class sizes and restoring important school programs. The Elders in Action Commission encourages you to vote YES on 85.


Lastly, for Multnomah County voters the Commission encourages you to support the creation of a permanent library district with a YES vote on Measure 26-143. Funds for the library district will replace the current library levy, and the typical homeowner will pay about $4 more a month above what he or she already pays for libraries. The library district would require that all dollars collected for the district go only to library services, and services that important deserve a dedicated fund.  The Elders in Action Commission encourages you to vote YES on Measure 26-143.

If you have questions about the election, need to find a ballot drop box, or want to read the online voter guide please visit Oregon Votes, you can even keep track of how many ballots have been returned state-wide on the site.Elections Day is Tuesday, November 6th, so don’t forget to get your ballots in the mail by Friday the 2nd or into a drop box (check your local library) by 8:00pm on election night. You don’t have to take our word for it on how important voting is, but you won’t be able to deny these adorableHarlem Prep 4th Graderwith their internet sensation “Vote for Somebody!

Democracy Prep Citizen-Scholars: Vote for Somebody!
Democracy Prep Citizen-Scholars: Vote for Somebody!

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