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Age Friendly Business Certification


The Age Friendly Business Certification program educates and helps businesses better serve customers. Being Age Friendly means being customer friendly. The program works with the business to help it pass certification. It is an opportunity for businesses to best serve their older customers and a way for older customers to frequent businesses that care about their needs.

Want to know what it means to be an Age Friendly Certified Business?

Check out this video from ShowMePortland.tv

How do I find an Age Friendly Certified Business?

Elders In Action certifies businesses in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington County, Oregon and Clark County, Washington. There are four ways to find an Age Friendly Business. Age Friendly Logo
  1. Searchable online directory
  2. A printed Directory is distributed through the 4 county area. . If you would like a copy of our directory contact 503-235-5474
  3. Age Friendly decal can be seen at the entrance of a certified business.
  4. The Age Friendly Business logo posted on the businesses website